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NC State Bookstores is the official source for all your graduation needs. Visit NC State Bookstores' main location for information about class rings, graduation announcements and diploma frames. Each semester, approximately one month before graduation, NC State Bookstores hosts a grad fair and all graduating students are encouraged to come pick up your graduation cap & gown and visit with the vendors to discuss graduation essentials.

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Doctorate Gown, Cap & Tassel Doctorate Gown, Cap & Tassel
The doctorate gown is produced from a high quality material which resists fading and wrinkling. It is all black, with bell sleeves featuring three horizontal velvet bands. Also, a strip of velvet runs on the front of the gown along both sides of its zipper. Color schemes are indicative of the university and department from which your degree is conferred.

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Doctorate Hood Doctorate Hood

Historians contend that academic regalia originates from the 14th century. Practically, academic regalia was a means to keep scholars and studying clerics warm. It later evolved as a means to differentiate among disciplines.

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