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Current Buyback  Value

To check the current buyback value of your textbook, enter the ISBN in the textbox below. The ISBN is a series of 10 or 13 digits. The ISBN can be found on the NC State Bookstores price label as well as on the copyright page and back cover of the book.

To complete your buyback, you must bring your books in to NC State Bookstores or to one of our buyback locations around campus. The buyback value presented on this online lookup is subject to continuous change and is not guaranteed.

Don't forget to check package & bundle details to make sure you are entering the correct ISBN to get the best possible buyback value.

NC State Bookstores strongly encourages students to wait until after their final exam to sell back their textbooks.

Limit one copy of each title per customer, please.

Main Store
(Harrelson Hall)
Monday - Thursday: 8am to 8pm
Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Remote campus locations
(Bragaw Residence Hall & Dan Allen Parking Deck)
Monday, December 9th 9am to 4pm
Tuesday, December 10th 9am to 4pm
Wednesday, December 11th 9am to 4pm
Thursday, December 12th 9am to 4pm
Friday, December 13th 9am to 4pm
Monday, December 16th 9am to 4pm
Tuesday, December 17th 9am to 4pm

(Pack Shop at Wolf Ridge)
Monday, December 9th 10am to 3pm
Tuesday, December 10th 10am to 3pm
Wednesday, December 11th 10am to 3pm
Thursday, December 12th 10am to 3pm
Friday, December 13th 10am to 3pm
Monday, December 16th 10am to 3pm
Tuesday, December 17th 10am to 3pm