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NC State Bookstores is the official source for all your graduation needs. Visit the Graduation Corner on the upper level of NC State Bookstore's main location for information about class rings, graduation announcements and diploma frames. Each semester, approximately one month before graduation, NC State Bookstore hosts a grad fair and all graduating students are encouraged to come pick up your graduation cap & gown and visit with the vendors to discuss graduation essentials.

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Bachelor Gown, Cap & Tassel Bachelor Gown, Cap & Tassel

The bachelor gown is produced from a high quality material which resists fading and wrinkling. It is NC State red, with bell sleeves and a front zipper. The left shoulder features an embroidered official seal of the university. The cap is red as well, with a sturdy mortarboard construction and snug fit. All traditional undergraduate tassels are uniformly white, and highlight the gold seal medallion.


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Master Hood Master Hood

Historians contend that the tradition of wearing academic regalia originates from the 14th century. Initially, it was used as a practical means to warmth for scholars in frigid conditions. As the practice of wearing robes became more widespread, it adopted the dual pupose of differentiating among levels and grades. Each Master Hood sports its own unqiue color scheme. That color scheme references an individual college, as it is a part of North Carolina State University. If you are unsure about your college, be sure to confirm this before purchase.

  • Crafted with fine quality fabrics.

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