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Textbook Requests

How do I request textbooks for an upcoming semester?

Textbook requests can be submitted online. Simply login or create an account. You can also use our old form as well if you do not wish to create an account here. Also feel free to e-mail your requests to the Textbook Information Editor, Isaac Pomper at ilpomper@ncsu.edu

What are the deadlines to submit textbook requests?

  • Fall Semester: April 5th
  • Spring Semester: October 15th
  • Summer Sessions: March 15th

NC State Bookstores also provides copies of all textbook requests to each off campus bookstore after the requests are receievd.

Why do my textbook requests have to be submitted so far in advance of the upcoming semester?

The bookstore asks for textbook requests by the given dates for three reasons. First, the bookstore staff verifies that all information on each request is correct. Any problems or irregularities are discussed with the instructor or department liaison. Second, the Bookstore attempts to locate as many used books as possible. Early requests provide the Bookstore a better chance in locating used copies from national used book wholesalers. Finally, timely requests can increase the amount paid to students during the end of term buyback period. The buyback value is determined by future demand.

My class doesn't require a textbook. Why do I need to notify the Bookstore of this?

The recently revised Higher Education Opportunity Act has several provisions that affect college Bookstore operations. One of these provisions states that Bookstores must provide all textbook information on their website so that students will know the course requirements at the time they register for classes. In order to comply, the NC State Bookstore must gather all course materials information as soon as it is available from instructors.

Why do instructors have to create a user account to submit textbook requests?

The Umstead Act states that college stores in North Carolina can only cater to the University population including students, faculty, and alumni. For this reason, our store must recognize users by their nine digit University ID number. For faculty who do not wish to create an account, the Bookstore provides another textbook adoption page here.

I cannot meet the textbook adoption deadline. What should I do?

The Bookstore recognizes that not all requests can meet the adoption deadlines. New classes, sections, and instructor changes often come after the adoption deadlines. These requests should be made as soon as the information is available.

Textbook Costs

What can instructors do to help lower the cost of textbooks for their students?

An easy way for students to save 25% on textbooks is to have a plentiful supply of used books availavble. Receiving textbook requests early allows the Bookstore to offer students used books obtained through our buyback program or through a textbook wholesaler. Late requests often do not allow us to pursue the option of used books.
If a texbook has been requested with a particular ISBN because it offers a "free" web access code or a "free" study aid, we may not be able to buy used copies from either the students or wholesalers. If these optional materials are not necessary for course success, please include that infomration when ordering the book. Always keep in mind that the bookstore orders ONLY what you have requested. WE will not order a less expensive version of the book unless given the permission to do so. Package deals which include "free" study guides often result in no used copies of the book available to be sold in the future and the student being prevented from selling the item back to the bookstore at the end of the semester. Items that require a single user license agreement are often designed to reduce the availability of used stock.

Click here for helpful tips to think about when placing your textbook adoption.

What goes into the cost of a textbook?

Please see the National Association of College Stores website here for a PDF file of how each dollar from a new textbook sale is calculated.

What E-Book options does the Bookstore offer?

NC State Bookstores has partnered with several E-Book providers. Please see our E-Book page for a complete listing as well as information and links to each provider.

General Textbooks

How can I obtain an instructor copy of my textbook?

You can fill out a desk copy procurement form here. This form should be sent directly to the appropriate publisher. To see a list of publishers and their websites click here.

What is the University's Policy on Copyright?

The University policy regarding copyright can be found here.

Why does the bookstore not order 100% of my class enrollment?

The bookstore bases order quantities on several factors. First, students shop at a variety of bookstores. NC State University currently has a total of four brick and mortar bookstores serving the campus. In addition to these stores, some students will purchase their materials from online vendors. Course history, past sales data, and current enrollment figures help the store ensure that sufficient copies are ordered. The Bookstore strives to maintain stock of every text offered on campus. However, if we sell out, we will special order a copy for any student who needs to purchase a book.

Why does the Bookstore return course materials to the publisher? When does publisher return occur?

Most publishers and distributors require bookstores to pay for course materials within 30 days of receipt. The bookstore remains self-sustaining by being fiscally responsible to the University. Unsold materials need to still be paid for within the time frame allotted, unless they are returned to the respective publisher or distributor. Publisher returns generally begin about one month after the start of classes. The Bookstore will retain titles that have been requested for a future semester.

Where do store profits go?

NCSU Bookstores is University-owned and totally self-supporting. It receives no tax money or subsidies. Profits are paid annually to the NCSU Academic Scholarship Fund.

Who should I contact about a textbook related issue?

For a complete listing of textbook department contacts click here.

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