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Why buy from NC State Bookstores?

  • NC State recommendations

    We have strong relationships with NC State's colleges, departments, and the Office of Information Technology to make sure our computers meet or exceed university recommendations.

    Please check with your college or the Wolfpack Outfitters Technology Department sales staff for the most current information available.

  • Dependable business-class laptops

    We sell business-class machines selected to provide years of reliable service. Business-class machines have longer life expectancies and easy troubleshooting. We're pleased to provide warranty upgrades that cover accidental damage.

  • Walk-in Center tech support

    Every machine we sell can be serviced at the on-campus Walk-In Center.

  • "One-stop-shopping" convenience

    Wolfpack Outfitters sells University-recommended computers, software, security devices, warranty service upgrades, connectivity, protection, and accessories to help you succeed.

    Need a break? We carry a wide variety of entertainment items, too.

  • Support the Pack!

    The Technology Department is located in Wolfpack Outfitters, a location of NC State Bookstores, a non-profit organization. Profits support your campus community and NC State.

  • Academic discounts

    Save money on your technology purchases. Our computers and many other products have educational discounts, saving you money while equipping you for success. Our recommended computers meet or beat comparable business-class systems from other suppliers. Look for our seasonal promotions, clearance and refurbished items for even more savings!

College Recommendations

Eligible Customers

Only current students, faculty, staff members, or their direct family members can purchase hardware and software through NC State Bookstores.

Service & Support (Walk-in Center)

Service and support is available for all student, faculty and staff customers at the OIT Walk-in Center (WIC) or Wolfpack Outfitters.

Financial Aid

NC State allows financial aid recipients to apply for an increase in their total Cost Of Attendance to cover the cost of a computer. More information can be found here.

Product Availability & Special Orders

Wolfpack Outfitters stocks computer inventory based on anticipated sales volume. We make every effort to fill customer orders by the date requested, but we can't guarantee specific delivery dates. Please allow 10 days to 4 weeks when placing your order. We encourge you to call to check the latest availability.


All orders containing hardware are charged a flat rate of $25.00 for Ground services. Upgraded shipping options and costs are available on request.

Contact Us

Wolfpack Outfitters Technology Department
Campus Box 7224
Raleigh, NC 27695-7224

Can't find what you're looking for?

Our site lists the most popular items in the Technology department. While we work to list more items online, please email us with questions about other products or educational discounts.

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College recommendations
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